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 Telesight Magnifiers Inc. is a supplier of jewelry magnifiers including  headband jewelry magnifiers, visor jewelry magnifiers and lighted jewelry magnifiers.

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Headband Jewelry Magnifiers

jewelery magnifier
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Sight-Booster Deluxe-Lighted Headband Visor Jewelry Magnifier-3 Plates
The LED Lighted Sight-Booster Deluxe Kit is a headband visor magnifier that comes with three binocular visor coated magnifier lens plates.

Coated Lenses-Made In U.S.A.

jewelery magnifier
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 Sight-Booster Deluxe | Headband Jewelry Magnifier | 3 Lens Plates


Compare: This headband magnifier is a bargain.

Coated Lenses-Made In U.S.A.

headband jewelers magnifying glass.jpg Single Plate         headband magnifier visor4 Plates

seemore magnificationLighted 2 Plates  head jewelers magnifier.jpgLighted 4 Plates 

jewelers magnifying visor3 Plates            jewelers magnification visor1 Plate 

Jewelry Magnifiers-Telesight Jewelry Magnifiers

Made In U.S.A. Available in 6 powers.

jewelry magnifier-telesight half frameHalf  jewelry magnifying glass-telesight full frame Full    jewelry magnifying glass-3.5x3.5x 


Jewelry Magnifiers-Jewelry Loupes

ML44 4x  magnifying loupe.jpg 4X   ML66 6x jewelers eye loupe.jpg 6X   ML88 8x jewelers magnifier loupe-.jpg 8X   ML30strap jewelers head loupe.jpgLoupe Strap

 magnifier-oculens clip-on magnifier 5X - 7X


LIGHTED -Jewelry Magnifiers

  table magnifier 2x .jpg  2x        Table Magnifier 10x.jpg  10x   Table Magnifier-MicroMagML15.jpg 10X  


Ll15 table magnifier15x.jpg  15x     LL2010xstandmagnifierreticle.jpg  10x    LL555x table magnifying loupe.jpg  5x    LL10 table magnifier10x.jpg 10x

Jewelry Magnifiers-Clip-On Magnifiers 

magnifying glass-clip-on          clip flip magnifying glass          magnifier-oculens clip-on magnifier

Jewelry Magnifiers-Lighted Desk Magnifiers

Clamp-On LED Table Jewelry Magnifier            

clip on desk jewelry magnifier.jpg

   Lens Size: 5 ". Lens Power 3X-Glass Lens                            






 LED Lighted Base Desk Jewelry Magnifier  lighted desk magnifier  

 55 Led Lights for bright soft illumination.
 7" x 4" distortion free acrylic fresnel lens.
 3X lens


Lighted Bench Magnifier-Clamp-On
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 3X Fluorescent Jewelry Magnifier Lamp-Clip-On

3½" High Quality 3x Diopter Glass Lens with Dust Cover


3x bench magnifier lamp with base.jpg
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3X Diopter Jewelry Magnifier Lamp With Swivel Base
3x Diopter

Swivel Base.



5x bench desk magnifying glass lamp.jpg
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5X Diopter Fluorescent Jewelry Magnifier Lamp-Clip-On
Clip-On Fluorescent Magnifier Lamp With 3 Lenses.

·  5x   Diopter Lens (Main)- 5" Diameter
·  8x   Diopter Lens - 1.75" Diameter
·  10x Diopter Lens - 1.75" Diameter

Desk Table Lighted Magnifier.jpgLighted Magnifying Lamp Jewelry Magnifier

Six bright white, energy-efficient LEDs 
Two brightness levels
LED lasts 100,000 hours
Optical grade 3.5" magnifier lens
2x magnification 


 Magnifying Floor Lamp

 magnifying floor lamp.jpg

2X 5 Inch Diameter Lens





         Magnifiers-Non Lighted Desk Magnifiers
2x Flexible Stand Magnifier.jpg 2x           stand hands free magnifier .jpg  2x           stand magnifier 3.5inch clamp-on.jpg 3x  

stand magnifier.jpg

Clarity Goose-Neck Full Page Jewelry Magnifier

Excellent for reading, inspection, assembly.  

Hands Free-3X Power-Lens Size: 8.5" x 10.5"




Jewelry Magnifiers-Hands Free

Clarity Full Page Sheet Magnifier

hands free magnifying glass magnifier.jpg

             full page magnifier 



Jewelry Magnifiers

Around the Neck Hands Free Magnifier

jewelry magnifying glass-neck2.5x  jewelry magnifying glass-neck2x Lighted Large  jewelers magnifying glass-neck2x Lighted

Supplier of visor jewelry magnifiers, lighted jewelry magnifier, desk jewelry magnifiers, clip-on jewelry magnifiers, hands hand free jewelry magnifiers and Telesight jewelry magnifiers. 



 Magnifiers will introduce new jewelry magnifiers in the future.