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Printer Magnifying Glass

 Printers Magnifying Glass

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Large selection of printers magnifying glass and printers loupe magnifiers for visual inspection.  

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Telesight Printers Magnifying Gass (Click For Details)



 headband magnifier spectacle.jpg HALF EYE $39.00     headband magnifier magnifing glasses.jpgFULL FRAME $39.00   CLIP ON $39.00


  jewelers loupes


LumiLoupe-10x Printers Magnifying Glass Magnifier    

The LumiLoupe is a 10x power printers loupe that makes the ordinary extraordinary. Item #LL-10                                                             


jewelers loupeds 17.5x
 LumiLoupe 17.5x Printers Magnifying Glass Magnifier                                                    
The LL-15 LumiLoupe is a 17.5x power printers loupe magnifier with focusable dual lenses allow examination of objects close-up
Item #LL-15



5x jewelers loupes


LumiLoupe 5x Printers Magnifying Glass Magnifier                                     
5x power printers loupe magnifier that makes for extraordinary viewing. 

Pre-focused dual lenses allow examination of objects close-up. 
Item #LL-55



holder jewelers loupes


 MagniLoupe Headband Printers Loupe  
The MagniLoupe Headband from is an adjustable soft rubber strap that provides comfort during extended use. For use with any printers eye loupe magnifiers. ML-44, ML-66, or ML-88
Item #ML-30



4x jewelers loupes


 MagniLoupe 4x Printers Loupe                                                        
The ML-44 MagniLoupe is a 4x printers loupe magnifier that is well made and reasonably priced. This printers magnifier boasts a soft rubber cushion that provides comfort during use.
Item #ML-44



7x jewelers loupes
 MagniLoupe 7x Printers Loupe
The ML-66 MagniLoupe™is a 7x printers loupe with a soft rubber cushion.
The MagniLoupe™ is well made and reasonably priced. Ideal for use by coin collectors, jewelers, photographers, watchmakers and printers.
Item #ML-66



hand magnifier with light-2x  $13.95 



  Lighted Printers Magnifying Glass-2x (4X) 
The magnifier lens size is 3.5 inches.   

  2X power with a 4X insert power


dome magnifier 4x 2 inches.jpg


4X - 2 Inch Dome Printers Magnifying Glass Magnifier
This 4 power 2 inch diameter magnifier glides effortlessly across any surface for ease of use in perfect focus.
Lays flat on viewing material

dome magnifier 3 inches 4x.jpg


4X -  3 Inch Dome Printers Magnifying Glass Magnifier Magnifier

The 3 inch diameter offers an exceptionally large magnifying view. 


head jewelers loupes.jpg




   Lighted Head Printers Magnifier -3 Plates

   Head visor magnifier with adjustable headband.         

   Coated Lenses-Made In U.S.A

   3 magnification powers included. 1.75x, 2.25x, 2.75x

 jewelers loupes seemore magnificationLighted 2 Plates  $17.95      jewelers loupes headband magnifier visor Lighted 4 Plates $15.95


jewelers loupes magnifying visor3 Powers $23.95            jewelers loupes visor1 Plate $13.95