Telesight Magnifiers Inc.

Jewelers Magnifiers-Jewelers Magnifying Glass

Jewelers Magnifier-Jewelers Magnifying Glass

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Jewelers Magnifier-Jewelers Magnifying Glass- Headband Visors


  jewelers magnifying glass head magnifier.jpg             

3 Plates    hands free headset magnifier lighted.jpg3 Plates jewelers headmagnifier.jpg 2 Plates 

hands free lighted headset magnifier.jpg 2 Plates    binocular jewelry magnifier.jpg 1 Plate headband magnifier visor 4 Plates   

seemore magnification2 PlatesMulti Focus Magnifying 4 Plates  

jewelers magnifying visor3 Platesjewelers magnification visor1 Plate 

Telesight Jewelers Magnifier

Made In U.S.A. Available in 6 powers.

low vision magnifiers-telesight half frameHalf  low vision -telesight full frame Full    low vision magnifiers-3.5x3.5x 

Jewelers Loupes -Jewelers Magnifying Glass 

ML44 4x  magnifying loupe.jpg 4X  ML66 6x jewelers eye loupe.jpg 6X  ML88 8x jewelers magnifier loupe-.jpg 8X ML30strap jewelers head loupe.jpg Loupe Strap

 magnifier-oculens clip-on magnifier 5X - 7X


 table magnifier 2x .jpg  2x          Table Magnifier 10x.jpg  10x     Table Magnifier-MicroMagML15.jpg 10X   


Non-Lighted Jewelers Magnifier-Jewelers Magnifying Glass  


Ll15 table magnifier15x.jpg  15x      LL2010xstandmagnifierreticle.jpg  10x     LL555x table magnifying loupe.jpg  5x   


 LL10 table magnifier10x.jpg 10x

Clip-On Jewelers Magnifier-Jewelers Magnifying Glass


magnifying glass-clip-on                 clip flip magnifying glass                        magnifier-oculens clip-on magnifier

Clamp-On LED Jewelers Magnifier  LED Lighted Base Desk Jewelers Magnifier   

clip on desk magnifier.jpg

                                LED lighted desk magnifier.jpg


Hands Free Lighted Desk and Table Jewelers Magnifier

NEWDesk Table Lighted Magnifier.jpg Lighted Desk Jewelers Magnifier

Six bright white, energy-efficient LEDs
Two brightness levels
Each LED lasts 100,000 hours
Optical grade 3.5" magnifier lens
2x magnification


 Magnifying Floor Lamp

 magnifying floor lamp.jpg

2X 5 Inch Diameter Lens

12 Bright LED Lights



stand magnifier.jpg 

Clarity Goose-Neck Full Page Jewelers Magnifier

Excellent for reading, inspection, assembly.  

Hands Free-3X Power-Lens Size: 8.5" x 10.5"

 With Book Stand Holder.


NEW 3X Full Page Sheet Jewelers Magnifier-Hands Free

full page hands free magnifier.jpg

Use for Reading And Inspection.
Lens Focus: Up To 4 Inches.  
Lens Size: 8.5" x 9.75".

New: BoaMag Cord/Cordless Lighted Jewelers Magnifier
Can be used as a flashlight.
BoaMag Desk Magnifier.jpg

20 Inch Extension

Hands Free Use

Lens Size 3.5"

AC Adapter







Jewelers Magnifier-Table

standmagnifierlighted3.5.jpg 2.5X  lightedstandmagnifier.jpg 3X    Stand Magnifier MagniFly-OD65-Lighted.jpg 2X  


Hands Free Non Lighted Desk and Table Jewelers Magnifier



 2x Flexible Stand Magnifier.jpg 2x          stand hands free magnifier .jpg  2X      stand magnifier 3.5inch clamp-on.jpg 3x   MiniScreen Stand Hands Free Magnifier.jpg 3x-4x    



Hands Free Jewelers Magnifier


reading magnifiers-neck2x Large       reading magnifiers-neck2x
reading magnifiers-neck2.5x