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 Supplier of craft magnifier, craft magnifying glass and craft magnifying lamps including LED lighted magnifiers for crafters, craft magnifying task lamp, desk/table/stand/floor craft task magnifiers with light and hands free headband craft magnifiers.

Many crafts at times require detailed tasks such as assembly and inspection of small parts. Our magnification aids will be very helpful for quality results and the elimination of eyestrain.

We have a large selection of Led and fluorescent lighted craft magnifying lamps as well as head visor, clip-on, desk, table stand, floor craft magnifiers in many styles and powers. The light will enable the viewer to see the magnified image more clearly.

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 Craft Magnifier- Headband
craft magnifying glass.jpg
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 -Sight-Booster Deluxe-Lighted Headband Visor Craft Magnifier-3 Plates
The LED Lighted Sight-Booster Deluxe Kit is a headband craft magnifying glass that comes with three binocular visor coated magnifier lens plates.

Coated Lenses-Made In U.S.A.

Item #11SBHML


craft magnifier
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 Sight-Booster Deluxe | Headband Craft Magnifying Glass | 3 Lens Plates


Compare: This headband magnifier is a bargain.

Coated Lenses-Made In U.S.A.

Item #1SBDHM

craft magnifier--seemore
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See-More Lighted Craft Magnifying Glass 
Lighted magnifier for close up detailed work.This Lighted  hobby magnifier glass has up to 10X magnification with a combination of fixed, flip-up, and monocle lenses.

Bright dual LEDs Lights adjusts vertically and horizontally.

craft magnifying glass headmagnifier.jpg
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Headband Binocular Visor Craft Magnifier.


Hands Free, head-worn magnifier with 4 different lenses; 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x and 3x.

Flips up and adjustable headband.

craft headband magnifierr.jpg


Sight-Booster Craft Magnifying Glass Headband Magnifier-Single Lens

The Sight-Booster craft magnifier is well constructed, and comfortable to wear. Hard coated lenses provide extra protection against abrasions and mars. Wear with glasses.

The craft magnifier is available in three different powers-1.75X, 2.25X, 2.75X. 


craft magnifier-hobby magnifier-lite site
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Lite-Site Craft Magnifier
Single Lens Plate
The Lite-Site hobby magnifying glass is very light weight and comfortable to wear. Hard coated lenses protect against scratches and reduce glare.

Wear with glasses.

Very light in weight.

Choice of three lens plates(1.75x, 2.25x, 2.75x).   Made in U.S.A.

craft magnifier-hobby magnifier-lite site kit
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Lite-Site Craft Magnifying Glass Kit-3 Plates 

Light weight and easy to use, the Lite-Site Magnifier Kit comes with three opthalmic quality hard coated lens plates(1.75X, 2.25X, 2.75X).

Very light in weight.

Wear with glasses.                                


Clamp-On LED Lighted Craft Magnifier    LED Lighted Base Desk Craft Magnifier   

Lens Size: 5 ". Lens Power 3X-Glass           Lens: 7"x4" 3X-Fresnel Lens  

clip on desk craft magnifier.jpg

                                      LED lighted desk craft magnifying glass magnifier.jpg


Illuminated craft magnifier lamp
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Desk Illuminated Craft Magnifying Light Lamp-45 Ultra Bright White LED's
The LED-120 is the perfect desktop craft magnifying light glass lamp for home, office or professional medical applications

45 Ultra bright white LED's

5" Diameter, 3 diopter magnifier lens with dust cover

Item #2LED120


3x craft magnifying glass
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3X Diopter Fluorescent Craft Magnifying Light Glass Lamp-Clip-On
This compact fluorescent craft magnifying light glass lamp is perfect for reading, hobbies and crafts, industrial assembly and all detail tasks.

3½" High Quality 3x Diopter Glass Lens with Dust Cover
Item #2LUX250



3x illuminated  craft magnifying glass magnifier lamp
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3X Diopter Illuminated Craft Magnifier Light Lamp With Swivel Base
3x Diopter Desk Craft Magnifying Glass Lamp With Swivel Base.
Well suited for reading, hobbies and crafts, inspection and assembly.

Item #2LUX350



1.75x illuminated craft magnifying glass lamp with base
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Fluorescent Illuminated Craft Magnifying Lamp w/ Base - 1.75 x 5"-3 Diopter
1.75 x 5"-3 Diopter lens Measurement markings on base base for desktop use


5 Diopter Fluorescent Illuminated Craft Magnifier Lamp
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 5 Diopter Fluorescent Illuminated Craft Magnifying Glass Lamp-5 Inch Lens
45" Extension Arm
New wire clip permits easy installation and removal of Fluorescent tube
5" Diameter Lens

Item #2LUX750


5X Diopter Fluorescent craft Magnifier Lamp-
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5X Diopter Fluorescent Illuminated Craft Magnifier Lamp-Clip-On
Desk Clip-On Fluorescent Craft Magnifier Lamp With 3 Lenses.
Ultra bright magnifying glass lamp with swivel arm.

·  5x   Diopter Lens (Main)- 5" Diameter
·  8x   Diopter Lens - 1.75" Diameter
·  10x Diopter Lens - 1.75" Diameter

Item #2LUX900


Clarity Goose-Neck Full Page Craft Magnifying Glass Magnifier

stand magnifier.jpg

Excellent for reading, inspection, assembly.  

Hands Free-3X Power-Lens Size: 8.5" x 10.5"

 With Book Stand Holder.



4x-Clarity Goose-Neck Fresnel Page Magnifier 

craft magnifier goose-neckjpg

 Strong 4X Lens Mounted On A Goose-neck
Lens Size: 6.5" Round-Lens Power: 4X
Non-Tilt Base-

reading book magnifier 4xjpg


Lens Size: 6.5 " Round.
Sturdy Non-Tilt Base.

 Lighted Magnifying Desk Craft Magnifier

 Desk Table Lighted Magnifier.jpg Six bright white, energy-efficient LEDs

LED lasts 100,000 hours
Optical grade 3.5" magnifier lens
2x magnification-Two brightness levels



NEW 3X Full Page Sheet Craft Magnifier-Hands Free

craft magnifier.jpg


Use for Reading And Inspection.
Lens Focus: Up To 4 Inches.  
Lens Size: 8.5" x 9.75".



 Lighted Craft Magnifying Light Glass -2.5x

Can be used as a flashlight. BoaMag Craft Magnifier.jpg

20 Inch Extension  

Hands Free Use   

Lens Size 3.5"  

AC Adapter  



Stand- Desk Craft Magnifiers 

craft magnifier-hobby magnifier-see all magnifier
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 See-All Fresnel Craft Magnifying Glass (3X TO 4X)

Very large viewing area. 

Large lens size:6 1/2"x 6 3/4". Between 3 and 4 times magnification.

360 degree rotating magnifying glass.

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Craft Magnifier with Base-2X
Flexible Goose-neck 2X with Heavy Base

This hobby magnifier is well constructed and reasonably priced. 


craft magnifier-hobby magnifier-clip on table magnifier
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 Flexible Clip-On Craft Magnifying Glass-2X

2x Clip-On Flexible Magnifier. Large 5 inch lens mounted to a goose-neck clip-on. This magnifying glass desk magnifier is a perfect addition to the office desk, lab table, or work bench.   


craft magnifier-hobby magnifier-clip magnifier strong
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Flexible Goose-neck Clip On Craft Magnifier-3x(12X)
Flexible Goose-neck craft magnifying glass. 

This craft magnifying glass clips on to your table, and has a 3X power lens with a 12X power bifocal lens insert. 

The lens diameter is 3.5 inches.                                               


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Craft Magnifying Glass Lighted Magnifier -2.5X
Distortion Free Lens
Well constructed illuminated magnifier  with many uses.

Fluorescent Light-Glass Lens.

The lens of lighted craft magnifying glass is 3.0 inches at 2.5X.



craft magnifier-hobby magnifier-magnitop magnifier
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MagniTop- 3.5 Inch Hand or Lighted Desk Craft Magnifier-2x(4X)
Dual Function Illuminated Magnifier-The hobby magnifying glass can be used as a hand or stand  magnifier.

The power is 2X with a 4X button insert.   

craft magnifier-hobby magnifier-magnitop 10x
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MagniTop 10x Hand or Stand Lighted Craft Magnifying Glass 
Dual Function Lighted Magnifier-The MagniTop can be used as a hand or desktop magnifier.

The power of the craft lighted magnifier is 10X and lens size is 1-1/4 inches. Distortion Free Lens 

craft magnifier-hobby magnifier- micro mag 10x
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MicroMag Lighted Craft Magnifying Glass-10X Focusing 
Lighted hobby magnifier is very compact, and extremely powerful,lighted focusing loupe. 

craft magnifier-hobby magnifier-brite view
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BriteView 2.5X Craft Magnifier With Light

DUAL FUNCTION MAGNIFIER WITH LIGHT-The BrightView 2.5x lighted hobby magnifying glass is unique.and is is nicely designed.

Distortion Free Lens.

craft magnifier-hobby magnifier-magnfly magnifier
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MagniFly 2X Craft Magnifying Glass Lighted Clip-On Magnifier
MagniFly is a lighted stand magnifying glass, fully-adjustable, flexible arm "hands-free" stand magnifier. Attaches to your table-top, or can be clamped to most fly-tying vises. 


Neck Craft Magnifiers  

craft magnifier-hobby magnifier-neck magnifier
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Craft Magnifying Glass-Hands Free Around The Neck Craft Magnifier

HANDS FREE CRAFT AROUND THE NECK MAGNIFIER is used for all types of needlecraft's. Power is 2.5X with 4"x4 lens. Lens insert 4X,lens.          

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Craft Magnifier Lighted Magnishine Neck Magnifier
MagniShine is a Large wearable 2x power "hands-free"lighted around neck hobby magnifying glass with a 4x power bi-focal spot lens.

It's clip-on light prevents eyestrain.

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craft magnifier-hobby magnifier-neck magnifier
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Lighted LumiCraft Around Neck Craft Magnifying Glass 

LumiCraft is a wearable 2x power "hands-free" lighted neck hobby magnifier with a 4x power bi-focal spot lens.

Clip-on light prevents eyestrain and provides bright, shadowless illumination. 

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Clip-on Craft Magnifiers.                                                                                                                   

craft magnifier-hobby magnifier-clip magnifier
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Clip & Flip Clip-On Craft Magnifiers
are a flip-up, magnifying lenses that turns any pair of regular glasses into "flip-down"reading or craft magnifying glass.

Available in three powers. Comes with pouch.

craft magnifier-hobby magnifier-oculens magnifier
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Craft Magnifying Glass OcuLens 5x-7x Clip-On Monocular Magnifier

OcuLens is a convenient clip-on craft magnifying glass magnifier that attaches with ease to most eyeglass frames. Great for inspection of small parts.

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craft magnifier-hobby magnifier-visor mag magnifier
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VisorMag Clip-On Hat Brim Craft Magnifying Glass 
is a set of clip-on, flip-up craft magnifying glass that attach to the brim of most caps and hats.

This hands free craft magnifying glass is perfect for fly-tying and all fly-fishing needs. Complete with protective soft-pouch. MANY OUTDOOR USES.

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Telesight Magnifiers Inc. will introduce new craft magnifier, craft magnifying glass and craft magnifying lamp products in the future.