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3X LED Full Page Magnifier-Magnifying Desk Lamp


3X LED Full Page Magnifier Lamp



Full page magnifier is a hands free goose-neck magnifying desk lamp with goose-neck and is an excellent for reading and crafts. 


Hands-free operation makes it easier to do the needlework and other hands-on hobbies as well as reading, writing, and viewing mail.

• 12 LED Bright daylight Magnification

• 3X Magnification-8" x 10" acrylic optical fresnel lens 

• Push on/off Switch-Power Source-AC plug in.

• Adjustable, flexible goose-neck base

• Silver color

• 12 Bright LEDs, a brighter, whiter more natural light, without glare and heat, like traditional lamps

• Reduces eyestrain and headache 

• See colors as they're meant to be


Can be used as a low vision magnifier for the visually impaired




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