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  10x Jewelers Table Magnifier

  • 10x power stand magnifier.
  • Magnifier reveals small details.


Item #LL-10

Price $9.95 

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  Headband For Jewelers Eye Loupe
  • Headband is an adjustable soft rubber strap. 
  • Provides comfort during extended use.
  • For use with any jewelers eye loupe magnifiers.
Item #ML-30

Price $6.95 

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  4x Jewelers Eye Loupw
  • 4x jewelers eye loupe magnifier. 
  • Well made and reasonably priced. 
  • Soft rubber cushion provides comfort.
Item #ML-44

Price $6.00 

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  7x Jewelers Eye Loupe Magnifier
  • 7x jewelers eye loupe magnifier.
  • Soft rubber cushion.

Ideal for use by:


Item #ML-66

Price $6.00