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  Telesight Clip-On Magnifier
  • Lightweight
  • Coated Lenses
  • Made in U.S.A.



Item #1-TLC

Telesight Clip-On Magnifier

Price $39.00 

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  Clip On Magnfiers - 3 Powers
  • Clip on magnifier attaches to your glasses.
  • Light weight and comfortable to wear. 
  • Comes 3 with interchangeable lens powers. 
Item #111BCL

Price $19.95 

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  Clip-On Magnifiers 3 Powers.
  • Clip on magnifier adds power to your glasses.
  • Available in three powers and includes pouch. 
Item #OD

Clip & Flip Clip-On Magnifier

Price $10.95 

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  5X-7X Clip-On Magnifier
  • Attaches with ease to most eyeglass frames.

  • Interchangeable 5x and 7x lenses.

  • Can be used to examine objects very close up


Item #OL-5X7X

Price $9.95